Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Update and Happy New Year!

As you all may have noticed I have been MIA since the 23rd December. Well let me tell you I am fine and well and there is a perfectly good reason as to why I have been missing!

On Christmas morning Alice and I opened up her stocking and a few of her presents.

Then at 8am I started getting contractions!

By 9am my mum was over looking after Alice, the midwife turned up at 10am and by 12:17pm Megan Jane was born weighing 7lbs 12oz!

So the reason I've been away is pretty self-explanatory. We've been getting to know our new member and Alice is a very doting big sister.

We've now hit the New Year and I'm going to be starting my Project Life album and it'll be nice starting it with both of my girls with me!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 treats you all very well :)



  1. Happy New Year Claire, Alice and Megan - lots of love to you all.I guess we can let you off the hook this time, Claire - you have a good excuse :) xxx. Can't wait to meet Megan. So happy that Alice is taking being a big sister in her stride. I think you have done a good job preparing her plus she's obviously feeling secure.

    Very exciting that we'll all be doing PL. I was chatting to your Mom about PL today. Which album have you got? Will look forward to seeing your pages.

    Look after yourself xxxx

  2. Yay for you posting an update! :) Hope you're enjoying every second with your new little cutie, and happy new year!!

  3. Finally got round to some blog reading :). Well done for updating, I need to do an update of my own soon :) xxx