Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

Alice and I have been quite ill this past week so I haven't been able to update :(

But we are both on the mend, unfortunately we passed it onto my family (oops), and Megan never got it thank goodness!!

Anyway, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday and as Alice and I were feeling better I thought we should definitely have some pancakes! I halved the recipe so that I didn't make too many as we still aren't 100% yet.

I got everything ready and it's advised that you leave the batter for 5 minutes before making the pancakes.

 I ended up making 3, it would have been 4 but the first one was absolutely rubbish!

With my pancakes I like to have sugar, cinnamon and some lemon juice. It was sooo yummy :)

I put Nutella on Alice's one as I know how much my girl loves Nutella! Only thing was that I found she rather eat the Nutella off the pancake rather than the actual pancake itself, so she was scraping the Nutella off with her finger and eating that instead. At least I tried I suppose.

And what was Megan doing throughout this I hear you ask. Just have a look.

She fell sound asleep in her bouncy chair bless!

Did any of you have pancakes yesterday? What kind of toppings do you like? Sweet or savoury?


Sunday, 3 February 2013

I'm Back!

Life has taken over and I have found it difficult to blog as of late.

I've been trying to handle life with 2 children and it takes a lot of time, and a lot of patience!
I must say that it is soo lovely looking after my two beautiful girls and they bring me soo much joy. But when I have time to myself I tend to just relax rather than decide to blog.

I am back now after almost a month and I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things again :)

This week we did some playing

I got a surprise parcel

I have been doing some DIY

Done some baking

Saw some friends

and we've started having a bit more family time

Hope you are all having a wonderful 2013 so far, I know we are :)


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Update

I'm still here and well :)

We've started to get a sort of routine together now. Megan can still be quite unpredictable with feeds and everything but we are getting there. Slowly but surely.

On Monday I took down all of our Christmas decorations to try and get some of our normality back.

I have taken soo many photo's of this little one! I cannot help it she is just far too adorable :)

Alice is still enjoying being a big sister, long may it last! This is her tickling Megan, although I understand it doesn't look that way I promise that is what she is doing!

For Christmas Alice got a play kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa and it has been extremely well used!

Grandma has been over pretty much everyday and Alice has loved every minute of it! They made this big tower of Lego blocks that was taller than Alice. She was very impressed with it :)

Megan at 10 days old became too big for her newborn baby-grows, she couldn't stretch her legs out properly, poor baby!  Needless to say I've now put her in 0-3 month clothing which are now HUGE on her!

She is just too cute not to put another picture up of her! Megan is one chilled out baby and looks especially peaceful when sleeping!

And lastly, in my tidying up yesterday I found this necklace I got from Alice, or shall I say her Nanna, for Christmas. I am extremely proud to be able to wear it! I absolutely LOVE being a Mummy and my girls could not make me any happier :)

Hope you've all had a brilliant first week of 2013!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Update and Happy New Year!

As you all may have noticed I have been MIA since the 23rd December. Well let me tell you I am fine and well and there is a perfectly good reason as to why I have been missing!

On Christmas morning Alice and I opened up her stocking and a few of her presents.

Then at 8am I started getting contractions!

By 9am my mum was over looking after Alice, the midwife turned up at 10am and by 12:17pm Megan Jane was born weighing 7lbs 12oz!

So the reason I've been away is pretty self-explanatory. We've been getting to know our new member and Alice is a very doting big sister.

We've now hit the New Year and I'm going to be starting my Project Life album and it'll be nice starting it with both of my girls with me!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 treats you all very well :)


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Busy Day

Like I said yesterday, today was going to be a busy day.

The first thing I wanted to do was go through the baby clothes I have from when Alice was a baby. I haven't properly looked through them before and it gave me some comfort knowing that I still had a lot of her newborn and 0-3month clothing.

That wasn't all of them, this was just from one box I was sorting out. Alice took a great interest in them as I explained these would be for her baby sister but they were hers when she was younger. She looked at the piles and lay across them saying "I love baby clothes" repeatedly.

And as you can see she got quite comfortable on them!

Once Alice had gone down for a nap I decided I needed to work my magic on the Dining room! I had boxes all over and a Moses basket in there and everything was piled on top of the dining room table. I wore myself out tiding it all and that's when I had to sit down. I must say I didn't do too badly before that point and I haven't got much left to do!

I just need to move the trike, clear the table a bit more and extend it and I am done!

Once Alice woke up from her nap I called  her Nanna to let her know she could come over with her partner, Richard to come and say hello before Christmas. Whilst we waited for them to come over Alice spotted that I found her Megasketcher under a pile of things on the table. She just had to give it some use. She told me that she was drawing a dinosaur. So this is a dinosaur according to my daughter.

Not long after she had had enough of drawing Nanna and Richard turned up. Alice wasn't very keen on seeing Richard, she has met him before but it has been a while since she last saw him. So she did end up standing the opposite side of the room to him and hiding her face. She did eventually get out of her corner and settle once I put Tangled on for her. She then quite happily sat next to her Nanna to watch it :)

They didn't stay for too long and Alice was quite happy that she got to spend some more time with her Nanna.

Tomorrow I shall be baking lots of cakes, I'm sure Alice will love to help me out :)


Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Lot Of Fun At Grandma's

This morning after breakfast we went round to Grandma's house. As per usual Alice was thrilled to go and see Grandma and as always Mummy gets forgotten about quite quickly as soon as Grandma is around. It was sweet when we were getting ready to go, I always ask Alice what she wants to take with her, normally she chooses one of her toys, today she said she wanted to take me! It was sooo sweet, even though I was coming anyway.

Once at Grandma's the games came out and Grandma and Alice were playing puzzles.

They also did lots of cuddling, kissing and tickling!

We also watched Tangled, another one of Alice's favourite Disney movies. She is very chilled out watching it in her beanbag chair....

...but you can tell when things really start to get good!

Grandma decided whilst we were over she would make some of her extremely yummy chocolate brownies! Alice loves to help, but as we've seen many times before, she loves to clean the equipment afterwards ;) I think it tasted extremely good from the big mess around her face, and on her t-shirt!

Later on she was playing with one of the baby dolls she has at Grandma's and decided she wanted to put her down in the pram. The dilemma she had was that there was already a baby in the pram. She couldn't choose between them! So in the end they had to share. Poor babies look awfully squashed in there though! 

At about 3pm we went home as I had had a phone call from Sainsbury's asking if I could move my delivery time forward as they were short staffed. I had agreed and had said they would be over from 4-5. As my Mum was having hers delivered around the same time I thought leaving at 3 would give her a little chill out period before her delivery arrived and Alice and I could chill before ours arrived. Well it got to half 5 and it still hadn't arrived so I phoned them up asking what had happened. Turns out my delivery was changed to 5-6 not 4-5. At 6pm is when I normally get Alice down and by the time our delivery finally arrived at 6:20pm Alice was quite ready for a sleep bless her.

Well, that was our day! The next few days are going to be absolutely jam packed!! I need to clear the dining room so that we can fit everyone in for Christmas lunch, I need to bake cakes for Christmas and Alice's Nanna is coming round tomorrow afternoon with her partner, Richard, to come and see Alice just before Christmas. I think Theresa and her kids are also coming over at some point tomorrow as well. SO please wish me luck, and hopefully whilst this is all going on baby stays put! I am now 39 weeks pregnant so baby could appear at anytime! My due date is the 29th so lets see!

Hope you all try and take it easy for the next few days! Christmas is only 3 days away! I'm sooo excited haha :D


Friday, 21 December 2012

Pickles and Tea Parties

This morning Alice had quite the lie in, not waking up until 8:30. This has become quite a trend she's starting to wake up around 7 - 8 whereas she used to be waking up at anytime from about 6am. Trust me I am not complaining, I'm enjoying these lie ins whilst they last!

I decided that we needed to get out today so I text my cousin Theresa to see if she was free at all today. She was so we went to Pickles, a local soft play area, at about 10am. Theresa has 2 kids, Tyler, who is 5 and Alyssa, who is 3. Tyler was at school so Alice got to play with Alyssa at Pickles. They had such a fun time, some of the time with each other and who knows who when they weren't together. I'm not technically supposed to take pictures but I managed to get one of Alice, eating a double chocolate chip muffin, just to show that we had been! Unfortunately didn't manage any of Theresa or Alyssa.

We ended up staying there for an hour and a half. By the time Alice came out of the play area she was all hot and sweaty! She really did have so much fun, at one point I realised I hadn't seen her for about half an hour. By the time we got home she was quite ready for a nap!

In the afternoon my friends Sam and Abbi popped over to say hi. Alice has only met Abbi once before so she wasn't too sure of her at first but was very quick to drag Sam all over the house! Soon enough she had us all sitting down for a tea party.

And what would a tea party be like if we didn't get Bunny to join in too! Sam was quite pleased he managed to get Bunny to hold her own tea cup.

I love how she can make any adult do as she pleases. You really can't say no to such a cute little face!

That was our day, extremely fun-filled if I do say so myself!