Friday, 21 December 2012

Pickles and Tea Parties

This morning Alice had quite the lie in, not waking up until 8:30. This has become quite a trend she's starting to wake up around 7 - 8 whereas she used to be waking up at anytime from about 6am. Trust me I am not complaining, I'm enjoying these lie ins whilst they last!

I decided that we needed to get out today so I text my cousin Theresa to see if she was free at all today. She was so we went to Pickles, a local soft play area, at about 10am. Theresa has 2 kids, Tyler, who is 5 and Alyssa, who is 3. Tyler was at school so Alice got to play with Alyssa at Pickles. They had such a fun time, some of the time with each other and who knows who when they weren't together. I'm not technically supposed to take pictures but I managed to get one of Alice, eating a double chocolate chip muffin, just to show that we had been! Unfortunately didn't manage any of Theresa or Alyssa.

We ended up staying there for an hour and a half. By the time Alice came out of the play area she was all hot and sweaty! She really did have so much fun, at one point I realised I hadn't seen her for about half an hour. By the time we got home she was quite ready for a nap!

In the afternoon my friends Sam and Abbi popped over to say hi. Alice has only met Abbi once before so she wasn't too sure of her at first but was very quick to drag Sam all over the house! Soon enough she had us all sitting down for a tea party.

And what would a tea party be like if we didn't get Bunny to join in too! Sam was quite pleased he managed to get Bunny to hold her own tea cup.

I love how she can make any adult do as she pleases. You really can't say no to such a cute little face!

That was our day, extremely fun-filled if I do say so myself!


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