Sunday, 2 December 2012

Chill Out Sunday

Today has been a very chilled out day, just what I like on a Sunday.
We woke up to quite a frosty morning outside. Alice wanted to go out and play but I decided it would be best if we waited a little bit before going outside as the decking looked incredibly slippery.

Luckily she wasn't bothered by it at all and decided playing with her Fischer Price Princess Castle was just as good.

We called Grandma to see how the Jason Mraz concert was last night. From what she was saying it was absolutely amazing, but I couldn't speak to her for too long as Alice decided she would rather chat to her on the phone instead.

After we did have a quick Skype call with her but Alice didn't seem too bothered about talking to Grandma on Skype so we didn't chat for long but did decide that she should come and see Alice later on.

I looked around for some more Christmas decorations around the house so that I can put them up tonight whilst Alice is sleeping. I have to do this as when I try to decorate whilst Alice is around she would rather play with the decorations and she wants to dictate where everything goes. That's what I get for having a strong-minded 2 year old.

I eventually found our Christmas wreath and it's hanger to hang on the door but as I quickly found out the hanger won't fit around our door properly, which isn't much help for me :(

Alice enjoyed looking at the berries on it and thought the "candles" were brilliant, especially as when she blew them they went out ;)

At about 3pm Alice had woken up from her nap and Grandma was coming over to take us back to hers for dinner as it is my cousin Max's last day in the UK before he heads off to Australia to join his Dad and his Dad's girlfriend out there. Once we got there obviously Grandpa wanted to come say hello to Alice which then turned into him being told to play around with a ball. Next thing you know Alice has Grandpa throwing the ball onto the ceiling, seriously!!

Next thing you know she even has Grandma having a go. Unfortunately Grandma isn't as good at it as Grandpa is.

Whilst there I got offered a mince pie, which I just couldn't turn down as I haven't had one so far this year. As it is December this had to be rectified as soon as possible ;)

Whilst we sat down with our mince pies Alice decided that we should watch Cinderella. This is one of her all time favourite movies, she loves to sing along with it and Grandma enjoys watching it just as much as she does I feel.

When the time came Grandma and Auntie Em went out to go and get kebabs for our dinner so Alice and I just chilled out at their house. As we were chilling out on the couch I thought I'd try and get a nice picture of us..... Alice had other ideas haha. I also don't think it's the most flattering one of me but I couldn't not put up this hilarious face!

Alice is quite the character, if you couldn't quite tell. She loves an audience and what better way of getting an audience than whilst we are all sitting down in the lounge having our dinner. She can wrap anyone around her little finger if she wants to. Tonight she decided that she was going to shout "Boo" and everyone has to get a fright. Obviously her audience was willing to play along, and who couldn't with such a sweet face like hers.


Before Alice and I went home we decided it would be a good idea to get a picture of the 4 cousins together beforehand as this will be the last time we are all together for at least a year.

We said our farewells, Alice just said bye as usual as she doesn't really understand what is going on. Good Luck with your flight tomorrow Max! We hope you get to Australia safely and we hope to hear from you soon.



  1. Well done with keeping up with your posts, you may even notice that I did my blog post last night :) xxx

  2. I love your blog and you are going to do so great with Project Life! :)