Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Alice Singing

Have I mentioned that Alice likes to sing a long with her Princess castle? Today I managed to catch it on video, admittedly only the second half of it! Also, when I say's more of a shout along with the words she picks out ;)

Anyway last night I decided to put some more chocolate decorations onto the Christmas tree, I bought 3 packs of them and decided I'd hang the first pack up. I thought that she wouldn't notice until after her nap. Oh how Mummy underestimates her daughter! An hour after she woke up she had noticed and wanted to have 1.

I've also noticed how she loves to organise her toys before she starts playing with them. The stable below had to be set just right before it was time to go off into her imagination and make up a story of her own. I could watch her play for hours. It's so lovely to see what scenes she'll act out with her toys.

I ended up tidying up and doing the washing for the majority of the afternoon and luckily she was happy just sitting down and watching Finding Nemo again. After it finished she came to find me and it was evident that my poor baby was coming down with what I can only imagine is a cold. Lots of sniffles and plenty of tissues have been used. With temperatures dropping below freezing and me turning the heating up and down I suppose it was bound to happen. Yet she still manages to smile for Mummy's camera. Goodness I have so much love for this child, even when she's not feeling well she will just get on with things and still smile at me.

Even as I type this I can hear her snoring through the baby monitor. Hopefully the Calpol will help and so will the vapouriser.



  1. Maybe you should leave the chocolate decorations until Christmas Eve night ~ Santa could leave them for an extra special and good girl.

  2. Love the singing though not quite sure what it was meant to be ;) xxx