Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Frosty Morning

This morning I had yet another Midwife appointment so my Mum came over to look after Alice for me whilst I went. I walk past a pond on my way to the Midwife and I knew it was cold but obviously didn't know the extent of how cold! The pond had pretty much almost all frozen over and I could see a few Ducks attempting to ice skate.

My main reason for going to the Midwife was to sort out all the paperwork for me to have a home birth. I'd decided a while back that I would like to do this as I felt for me it was easier and I know that if there are any complications that I would be taken to the hospital in an ambulance as soon as. We talked through everything and I'm still very happy with my decision, and I know all the reasons as to why I would be admitted into hospital if it was needed.

I cannot believe that little Megan could be born any day now, and I realise how unprepared I am. I haven't gone through everything I have properly and I haven't packed a hospital bag in case I do have to be admitted to hospital. I have been very relaxed about this pregnancy and it is really starting to show. I've been far too focused on getting everything ready for Christmas that I haven't prepared for baby arriving at all.

This afternoon Alice decided she wanted to watch Finding Nemo, she has watched the film plenty of times before but today she started to hide her face. I wasn't sure whether she was scared or what but every time I went to turn it off she started to cry at me. Eventually she stopped putting her hand in front of her face and actually started to watch it, but decided she would rather stand than cuddle on the couch with me to watch it.

After the movie was over she wanted to play with her baby doll and it was so sweet just watching her look after her baby.

And the next thing I know she's grabbed The New Baby book and starts reading to her baby doll and her bunny. It's really sweet as obviously she can't read but she always starts the story with "Once upon a time there was a" and then she picks out the different people or animals that are on the page she is looking at. I personally cannot get over it, she is just far too clever and she can impress me with all these new things she does daily.

Hope you've all had a Terrific Tuesday :)



  1. I think alice is going to be a great big sister, you can tell by the way she is with the dolls!

  2. Love the photos of Alice with her doll :) While I was there yesterday she was feeding the baby toast, ie. shoving it in her mouth ;) Hopefully she won't do that with Megan! :) xxx

  3. A home birth? Wow! I do hope that you are able to get your wish.