Friday, 14 December 2012

Pizza Night

Today has been a particularly wet and dreary day so I decided early on we would have a day indoors, Alice still isn't 100% so keeping her indoors isn't such a bad idea at the moment.

Whilst Alice went off for a nap I spent my time getting the last bits of the bills and direct debits sorted and finishing anything left off from our flat. Luckily all these calls haven't raised my phone bill through the roof, I have a habit of checking it after every phone call! But I am glad to say that they are all sorted now and they are all out of the way now. Christmas can finally be enjoyed properly without the weight of knowing I needed this all to be done!

After Alice woke up from her nap she has started to want to play in her room for a bit but today we stayed up to play in there for over an hour. I think she is starting to feel that little bit more comfortable in her new room! She loves playing with the towering blocks and we count as we stack them all up, but I think her favourite bit, as I think is the same with most kids, is knocking them all over!

Next we had to go through all of her books to decide which one we should read, eventually she found a little Finding Nemo book which we had to read countless amounts of times! Luckily it's only a very short book so it wasn't too bad.

We have been getting Christmas cards through our door so I decided I should put them up. Only a little collection so far but still worthy enough to show off :) I absolutely love getting Christmas cards through the door.

I found this picture on my camera as I was uploading the pictures. Someone must have gotten a hold of my camera whilst I was out of the room but it's not a bad one of her feet, even with the finger or thumb going across the lens ;)

I thought I would make a start on my Christmas decorations book and see how they turned out. I was quite impressed with my snowflake and woven hearts.

And then little miss found the snowflake and it didn't last very long :( That will teach me for leaving pieces of paper on the floor whilst she is around!

After Alice went down for bed I had my friends, Sam and Abbi, over for some Domino's pizza and a good ol' catch up. I don't really get to see Abbi an awful lot but as soon as we are back in the same room it's pretty much just like old times. I have been friends with these two for about 8 years and it's lovely when we do manage to all get together. Sam and I meet up a lot more but when Abbi can join us it's just like we are back at school :)

Hope you've all had a great day.


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  1. Your Christmas decorations turned out really well - pity about the snowflake but lesson learnt ;). Lovely to see Abbi and Sam and glad you got to have a good catch up. xxx