Monday, 3 December 2012

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last night Alice slept in her own bed for the whole night. Seeing as we've only been in the house for 3 nights now I think she's done extremely well :)

As soon as we got downstairs this morning she wanted to look through her new Christmas book. I'm so glad she likes it because she can be very particular with what things she likes and what things she doesn't!

Alice decided that we would watch Dora the Explorer this morning, so we got her It's A Party DVD out and she started dancing along with them doing the Mamba. I love how she is starting to get involved when the DVDs ask her to join in with something :)


Unfortunately Alice has been having some problems with soreness and became quite unhappy, so after a phone call to good ol' Grandma we decided it would be best to give her some Calpol. Thankfully it seems after her having the Calpol she perked right back up!

I managed to clear some space in the spare bedroom this morning so now I can finally have somewhere to hang all my washing! It's the little things that can make me smile haha

Whilst little miss started to perk up I thought I should bring out my laptop and let her play on the CBeebies website. She was more than happy to play on what she calls "my computer" despite me trying to tell her it's Mummy's computer.

She also has now got a new obsession with my Christmas air freshener. It's scented with mulled wine and cinnamon and she absolutely loves smelling it! I get asked to bring it down from the mantlepiece just so that she can have a good smell of it. Oh, she does make me laugh this child of mine!

Whilst Alice has a nap I tend to have a snack and recently I discovered Rachel's Apple and Cinnamon Bio-Live Yogurt. It is soooo yummy and I like to tell myself that it is quite healthy. Which it is, but unfortunately the pot I have is supposed to serve 3 and I can eat it in one sitting, like I did today...

Once Alice had woken up from her nap we were playing, as per usual, and she brings me over her butterfly wings. This would normally indicate that she wants me to put them on her. Not today, today she said "no, Mummy wear them" so like the good Mummy I am I put them on. Needless to say she wasn't that bothered that I had put them on and went off to play something else.

I then had to make a boring phone call to Council Tax to sort out that I had moved address etc. But Alice was quite keen on wanting all of my attention at that point of time. Luckily the guy I was speaking to was understanding of the fact that I had to entertain a toddler as well as trying to talk to him about things. I heard a few chuckles whilst I had to try and keep Alice quiet for a little bit to sort through some things with him.

After that phone call we had a chance to play properly! She wanted to draw on her Tomy Megasketcher. She was drawing a kangaroo she tells me.

And we played tea parties, we didn't play too seriously I think she just wanted to chill out for a bit at this point. I can't say I complained as at 36weeks pregnant I get worn out easily too!

I had decided earlier today that once I had put Alice down for the night I would decorate our tree properly! And I have done, I still wouldn't mind a few more decorations for the tree but for now I'm happy with it. It had looked a bit sad before as Alice wouldn't allow me to put many decorations on as she wanted to play with them!

So this is the tree before

And this is the tree after :)

I am wondering how long it will take Alice to figure out that some of the decorations are actually chocolate! Also, for good measure I put up my Christmas banner and added an angel and snowman to our mantlepiece. I have to say I am pretty pleased with myself!

And as it is now 10:15pm I am shattered and this preggo needs her rest!
Hope everyone is getting into the Christmassy spirit too! I think next on my agenda will be to watch Elf ;)


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  1. Another great daily round up :). The Christmas tree looks lovely now and I love the little banner above the fireplace :). Well done! Xxx