Monday, 17 December 2012

A Day Late

Well, for the first time in 15 days I didn't make a post. I had every intention of doing so but I started to feel incredibly ill so I gave it a miss and decided I would be better off just getting an early night instead. I have woken up this morning feeling sooo much better so I thought I'd update now whilst Alice is watching Finding Nemo.

We both weren't feeling particularly wonderful yesterday morning so we had a rather relaxed morning. My Mum text me whilst Alice was down for a nap and asked me whether we'd like to go round to hers in the afternoon. I said yes straight away as I know Alice would love to see her Grandma and since we've been ill we haven't really gone out of the house so it would be a chance to just get out!

Once Alice woke up from her nap I phoned my Mum quickly just to let her know and then I went to go and get her. I told her that Grandma was going to come over and take us to her house, as soon as she got out of her cot she danced around saying "Yipee!" [if you hadn't noticed Alice is very much a Grandma's girl!]

My Mum got to ours not much longer after Alice had woken up, she was already out in Waitrose getting food so she was just going to come and pick us up after she'd finished in there. When we got there my Mum remembered that she had bought Alice a princess advent calendar a while back so that she could have one at her house. Every time we've been over we keep forgetting to open it and we finally remembered and opened it up for her. The film around it took some getting off. We normally got told to get some scissors if we resorted to using our teeth to open things as we were growing up so this is just a picture reminder to my Mum ;)

Alice had 16 days to catch up on and she did it quite happily, just a side note, the chocolates inside were extremely tiny!

Later on Alice had noticed the angel at the top of my Mum's Christmas tree and insisted that she wanted to have a look at her. My Mum told me that I had actually picked out that angel for our tree years ago. Alice thought she was very pretty and gave her cuddles and danced around with her. It was incredibly cute to watch :)

We ended up staying at my Mum's for a roast dinner before coming home again. I didn't really take too many pictures but I do have one of Mac. So I shall leave you with a picture of Mac sleeping before I update again. Hope you are feeling healthier than myself!


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