Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Day Spent At Grandma's, With A Hint Of Santa

Alice was very snuffly today and so the cold has started. I'm hoping that she will manage to get rid of it before Christmas is here!

Anyway, today we spent a quiet morning at home before my Mum came over to drop off lots of Alice's old baby things in preparation for little Megan to make her appearance. She appeared just as Alice was settling to go down for a nap but I knew it wouldn't last once Alice had seen her beloved Grandma was here ;)

We went into town to get some bits and pieces and then we went back to Grandma's and spent the rest of the day there. As per usual Alice got in and got straight into making herself at home! She especially likes Grandma's chair and she loves to pretend to sleep in it!

My Mum also has 4 cats at hers and ever since Alice was a baby Mac has taken a shine to her and Alice has fallen in love with him too! It's not hard to tell that he is her favourite. As time has gone on Alice has been able to give Mac lots and lots more affection and he is extremely tolerable of it all. She tries to pick him up and give him cuddles, half the time it does look like she is strangling him! But at the end of the day they still love each other and watching their friendship is just far too adorable :)

 My Mum wanted to do some work on her laptop whilst we were there, so she sat in the kitchen at the table to do so. Alice likes to be with her as much as possible so she decided that she would sit at the table too to eat her cake.

It doesn't take long before she decides what she really wants to do is play on Grandma's laptop instead of sitting across from her!

Whilst in town we bought Alice a magazine. One of her favourite things about these magazines is the stickers which she loves to stick wherever she can. Today she decided Grandma's couch was the best place for them!

We haven't seen Uncle Hugh in a while so it was nice to see him today and as soon as he got in from work he had a little follower. He knows just how to put a smile on this little one's face and she knows that he likes Spiderman. As soon as she saw him she started singing, shouting ;), the Spiderman theme tune and he just turns straight into a big kid and gets stuck in with her. She really couldn't ask for a better Uncle! They just make each other smile so easily :)

We had a visit from Santa this evening, before we got home from my Mum's, and we thought maybe Alice might like to see him. Unsurprisingly she wasn't very keen on him, he was very sweet and understood so he kept his distance. He did give us a friendly wave from afar. Maybe next year she might warm up to him :)


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  1. It was lovely to have you both here yesterday :). xxx