Saturday, 1 December 2012

1st December

Today we woke up for the first time in our new house after moving in yesterday. One of the first things we did was open up our Advent Calendars. Alice wasn't keen on her Advent Calendar until I told her that there was chocolate inside it and then she was all for it, she even tried to pinch the chocolate from mine!

We had a rather uneventful morning, she went down for a nap and shortly after my Mum and sister turned up to drop off some more things from our flat and we had a short chat before they headed back out to go into town before going to see Jason Mraz at the O2 centre tonight.

Once Alice had woken from her nap again we had some lunch and then ate some gingerbread Christmas trees that I had forgotten that I had bought for us to have.

I went onto my laptop to show Alice the CBeebies website which now has an Advent Calendar on so that we can get a little online treat everyday as well. She watched the clip for today's window but seemed more interested in dressing up the Snowman that appears in the corner.

Once I'd let her play around for a bit we had to go out so that I could get some bits from Robert Dyas for the house that we didn't have, i.e. a plunger, toilet brush etc. Nothing exciting unfortunately. So as a treat we went to Waterstones, where I work, so that Alice could go and look at the Children's section and possibly pick out a new book. My friend, Rachele, was working and Alice just decided to follow her around for the majority of our time there. We did end up getting a new book though called Fancy Dress Christmas by Nick Sharratt.

Once we had finished in town we headed home and Alice decided we should watch Charlotte's Web for about the fifth time today, she seriously loves the pig and the spider!

We then had a rather chilled out evening. I normally try to get Alice down for a sleep at 7pm but as we've moved I decided I'd wait until she goes to sleep before putting her in bed. Unfortunately our new neighbour likes to play their rock music rather loud and Alice wasn't settling so she played with her Fischer Price Farm until about 8pm when the music finally stopped and she could finally get some sleep and I could watch X Factor without any hassles :)


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