Friday, 7 December 2012

Back to Blonde

This morning my Mum came over at about 9am and took Alice and I to Starbucks to have breakfast, I think Alice enjoys coming to Starbucks just as much as we do. She particularly enjoys having the Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin as well as one of their big chocolate coins. I personally also enjoy their Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins and I had one of their Peppermint Mocha's, decaf and with whipped cream, obviously ;) Alice hadn't seen her Grandma since Tuesday and absolutely loved seeing her today. Whenever we see Grandma, Mummy becomes second best naturally. They love being in each others company and you can just tell they get up to such mischief, probably more so when I'm not around.

Our local Starbucks is attached to a Sainsbury's, for those of you who don't know what Sainsbury's is, it is a grocery store. So once we were done with breakfast we went to do a bit of shopping. I've found it's best to keep Alice involved in picking out our shopping so that she doesn't get bored. She absolutely loves picking out the fruit for me.

She managed to wrap Grandma around her little fingers, which isn't hard for her, and got her to buy a big Lindt chocolate teddy bear for her. It had to be bought as we were going around Alice managed to figure out the foil comes off quite easily and she started munching on it whilst we were going around.

Our next stop of the day was to go to our hairdresser, Mary's, house so that I could get my hair done. I am a natural blonde but as I got older my hair just got darker and darker. Earlier this year, after Craig and I split up, I decided to make a change and dye it a light blonde colour. My roots have been coming through quite badly and my hair was what I can only describe as 2-toned. As you can see in the photos below the top half is brown and the bottom is blonde!

So our trip to Mary's was to rectify that. Whilst we were in Starbucks we got a text from Mary asking if we could get to hers for 10 instead of 10:45, so we agreed and got there at 10, with another client of hers. She had meant to tell us 10:30 but never mind, she has 2 young children and said that Alice could go and play with their toys. Alice spotted a princess dress-up dress and that was it, she wanted to put it on. I have to say she is the cutest princess I have ever seen, although I may be slightly biased on that judgement!

Next thing I know Mary's finished with her other client and it is my turn. So I went to go and get my T-Bar, so I've been told it's called, done whilst Alice and Grandma carried on playing.

Once we were finished with all the foils I went to go and check on Alice, we had noticed things had gone a bit quiet near the end. This is what we found.

A very knackered out little girl, bless her!

And then we washed out the dye and.....

TA DAH!!!! I am back to blonde again. I must say this isn't a great photo of myself but it'll do to show off my newly blonde locks!

We went and dropped by my Grandparents house to drop off some bits my Mum got them from Sainsbury's and to say a quick hello as Alice and I hadn't seen them since Alice's 2nd birthday. My Grandpa had the physio over so we didn't stay for long but I think they enjoyed seeing Alice even if it was just briefly :)

The rest of the afternoon/evening we spent at my Mum's house. It's like Alice's second home so it's nice that we can just go there and relax like we would at our own home.

And that is another day over with! Hope you all have had a lovely day :)


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  1. A lovely daily round up Claire (though I don't think I've ever been In so many photos in one day!). I thoroughly enjoyed our day together :) xxx