Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Lot Of Fun At Grandma's

This morning after breakfast we went round to Grandma's house. As per usual Alice was thrilled to go and see Grandma and as always Mummy gets forgotten about quite quickly as soon as Grandma is around. It was sweet when we were getting ready to go, I always ask Alice what she wants to take with her, normally she chooses one of her toys, today she said she wanted to take me! It was sooo sweet, even though I was coming anyway.

Once at Grandma's the games came out and Grandma and Alice were playing puzzles.

They also did lots of cuddling, kissing and tickling!

We also watched Tangled, another one of Alice's favourite Disney movies. She is very chilled out watching it in her beanbag chair....

...but you can tell when things really start to get good!

Grandma decided whilst we were over she would make some of her extremely yummy chocolate brownies! Alice loves to help, but as we've seen many times before, she loves to clean the equipment afterwards ;) I think it tasted extremely good from the big mess around her face, and on her t-shirt!

Later on she was playing with one of the baby dolls she has at Grandma's and decided she wanted to put her down in the pram. The dilemma she had was that there was already a baby in the pram. She couldn't choose between them! So in the end they had to share. Poor babies look awfully squashed in there though! 

At about 3pm we went home as I had had a phone call from Sainsbury's asking if I could move my delivery time forward as they were short staffed. I had agreed and had said they would be over from 4-5. As my Mum was having hers delivered around the same time I thought leaving at 3 would give her a little chill out period before her delivery arrived and Alice and I could chill before ours arrived. Well it got to half 5 and it still hadn't arrived so I phoned them up asking what had happened. Turns out my delivery was changed to 5-6 not 4-5. At 6pm is when I normally get Alice down and by the time our delivery finally arrived at 6:20pm Alice was quite ready for a sleep bless her.

Well, that was our day! The next few days are going to be absolutely jam packed!! I need to clear the dining room so that we can fit everyone in for Christmas lunch, I need to bake cakes for Christmas and Alice's Nanna is coming round tomorrow afternoon with her partner, Richard, to come and see Alice just before Christmas. I think Theresa and her kids are also coming over at some point tomorrow as well. SO please wish me luck, and hopefully whilst this is all going on baby stays put! I am now 39 weeks pregnant so baby could appear at anytime! My due date is the 29th so lets see!

Hope you all try and take it easy for the next few days! Christmas is only 3 days away! I'm sooo excited haha :D


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  1. Have fun having everyone around. That's what I miss over here. Will be thinking of you all. Have a happy Christmas and hopefully Megan won't be in too much of a hurry to say hello to the world! Lots of love xxx