Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ill Day

Well I woke up this morning and I realised that I have caught Alice's cold. I'm bunged up, throbbing headache and taking Paracetamol when I can, as it's the only thing I'm allowed to take whilst I'm pregnant. So these bad babies have been mine and Alice's friend throughout today!

We have seriously just taken today as it comes as we both were not feeling particularly wonderful.

I did manage to make some more decorations from my book though and I was quite impressed with how my little angel turned out. Also, I'm surprised she is still in one piece after Alice decided she wanted to dance with her around the room.

I also got to organising our DVD shelves! When it comes to these things I am very precise in how I like it. I have organised them alphabetically and in age range. I used to keep it so that the higher ratings were at the top but Alice's eye level is now at the top of our rack so I switched it up and now all her DVDs are at the top :)

After she had a look through the DVD rack she decided that we should watch Enchanted. Although after about 20 minutes she had decided she'd had enough, but from the looks of my photo she was quite engrossed in it until then!

A very short post from me today, I'm actually impressed I even remembered to take any photo's today with how I've been feeling but I did so I'm pleased that I did even if there aren't many :)

Hope you are all feeling better than we are!


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  1. Hope you're both feeling a bit better tomorrow. See you in the morning xxx