Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First Snow of December

To be honest with you all I didn't think I would have much to write about today. I was proven wrong!! I was talking to my Mum on the phone and next thing you know she tells me it's snowing!! Well, that was it Alice and I ran to the window and she was not wrong!

After a while of watching out the front window we thought it might be a good idea to see what it looked like in our garden.

Soon enough, we decided that we couldn't miss out on this opportunity we just had to play outside in it. I turned into a big kid because I wanted to go out in it just as much as Alice did!

Apologies for all the photos, I really couldn't narrow it down to less than 7. I have plenty more, trust me haha! After a while of playing outside I was cold and can only imagine that Alice was getting cold too so we came inside with the promise that I would make us croissants for breakfast. Well, I say make, more like shove in some pre-bought croissants in the oven. I just had to have a caramel latte as well. It was too cold not to! Little miss wanted to eat hers on the counter so we had breakfast in the kitchen so we could watch the snow from the comfort of being indoors.

From midday I became boring and got stuck into making phone calls to sort out my water bills and changing address etc. I love living in this big house but I wish that all the changes and everything that goes with it sorted themselves out rather than me having to sort it out. Oh well, at least that was one more thing I could tick off my list of what needed to be done, hopefully by the end of this week I would have managed to sort everything out!!

Then I decided that I needed to finish off writing my Christmas cards for friends and family, so yet another thing gets ticked off of my check list. I just need to get everyone's addresses and get them stamped and sent off.

Poor Alice had been a little neglected whilst I was doing all of this so I thought I better bring out the Cadbury's Roses chocolate tin! Anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of trying them, they are AMAZING. They are assorted chocolates, and every year since I can remember we used to buy a tin of them and put them in a Christmas bowl, my Mum has a Santa bowl she normally puts them in and it is too cute! Alice hasn't really tried them before this year and lets just say she loves them. The strawberry creme's are certainly a favourite in our household, along with the caramel barrel and the velvet caramel. My goodness my mouth waters just thinking about them!

Lastly before Alice's bed time we normally have a bath, but since we've been here I had completely forgotten where I had put the bath toys. So bath times haven't been so fun as of late. I was adamant I was going to find them tonight so I rang my Mum to see if she had any recollection of where we might have put them. She couldn't remember but as we were talking I found them! Good ol' Mum, even though she didn't know where they were just talking to her I managed to find them. Alice absolutely loves picking out what toys to put in her bath and it was great to see her having so much fun in her bath again!

WARNING!! The next couple of photos are of my toddler in the bath, you have been warned ;)


And that was it from our day, unfortunately there wasn't much snow and it had all pretty much melted away by the time Alice woke up from her nap. She was rather disappointed bless her. Now I must put the rubbish bin out or it won't be collected in the morning. Wish me luck, it is absolutely freezing outside!!


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  1. I love all the photos and well done for keeping up the daily posts :) xxx