Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Visit From Nanna

This morning we were trying to pass the time whilst we waited for Nanna, Craig's Mum, to turn up. So we played a bit of hide and seek. As you can see my daughter is a brilliant hider ;)

And she did a bit of rolling around, I apologise that these pictures are blurry as you may realise 2 year olds aren't very good at keeping still!

She got a bit tired after all of it, I was exhausted watching!! Her hair was bothering her as well so we tied it up. Basically she just looked too cute not to take a picture!!

When Nanna came over, she didn't come empty handed. Alice got a cute little bag, which had a couple of pieces of chocolate and a couple of hair ties in, as well as some very Christmassy clips, Alice likes to call them clippers. I did try and take a picture of her wearing the hair clips, but yet again she wouldn't stay still.

She insisted her Nanna put the hair ties on her wrist.

And her visit would not be complete without reading some stories out of her Disney Princess magazine.

We'd never seen Nanna with her glasses on and Alice could not resist trying them on!

Alice very much enjoyed her visit from Nanna and it was nice to see her after everything that has happened this week. She completely understands and she still wants to see her granddaughter, soon to be granddaughters, and there is no way I am going to stop her.

This week on CBeebies they have been showing Christmas episodes of different programs they show at 4:30 every afternoon. We have mostly been looking forward to today's one as it was a new Peter Rabbit one. As you can see, Alice was quite glued to the TV when it came on. She loves rabbits! The bit I managed to capture has Jemima Puddleduck but Peter made an appearance shortly after :)

Looking forward to tomorrow, where I know I'll be surviving yet another Apocalyptic day. I don't really believe in all of that nonsense. It's already Friday in Australia and so far I think it's just another day there! Enjoy yourselves tomorrow, I know I will :)



  1. Lovely to see Linda's visit documented :) In the one photo you can see quite a strong resemblance between her and Alice :) xxx

  2. Funny that you should say that,Rhona. I also thought exactly the same thing. Nice seeing Nanna and Alice enjoying each other's company.

  3. Your little Alice is just SO cute! I checked your blog this morning, as well as your mom's to see if there was any new baby news. :o)

    So sorry to read your post about the girl's dad not wanting to be involved at this point - surely something he will regret in later years but may be too immature to realize that now. You seem to have a great attitude about it though, and clearly you are surrounded by lots of love to make up for his loss.

    Wishing you (and your daughterS) a lovely Christmas time, Claire. All the best to you, my dear! xo