Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Love A Latte

This morning Alice allowed me to have a lie in as she didn't wake up until 8:45, I normally get woken up at 6am. After looking at the time I panicked as her Daddy was supposed to be coming to pick her up at 9 so I text him asking if he didn't mind picking her up from about 9:30 - 10 as I needed time to get Alice ready to go and pack her bag! Luckily he didn't mind at all, so we played a little before I got her all dressed and ready.

During our play she was telling me that Cinderella and Snow White were both sad because they missed each other. So I told her that maybe they should have a cuddle, next thing I know I see this. This was the closest she could get them to cuddle, but whilst they were cuddling she decided to start playing with something else.

Not long after I finally got Alice dressed and bag packed her Daddy turned up to take her to play for a few hours. I had decided that I would do some organising and wrapping of presents whilst she was away. That didn't happen. I ended up watching the Food Network and doing a few bits on my laptop. Not very productive of me I must admit!

Next thing I know I'm finding myself quite fancying a Costa Praline and Cream Latte, also knowing that I could get a free one with my Costa card points made it even more tempting and next thing I know I am getting my coat and shoes on before heading out the door! Just before I left I had remembered that the Christmas fair was on in town. This unfortunately meant that there was no way I was going to be able to sit in Costa to have my coffee, especially around lunch time. I was still adamant that I was going to have my coffee so I decided I would just have to get it to take away.

After getting into town I couldn't resist popping into my work to say hello to whomever happened to be working. My friend Rachele was working so I talked to her for a little bit before she had to go to the till as the shop was rather busy. I ended up having a browse through the Christmas books, as I always want to see if there is anything I might like to get for Alice. I just knew I would end up walking out of the shop with something! Note to any book lovers, it is absolutely fatal when you work in a book shop. The book I found was Christmas Decorations to Cut, Fold & Stick it was just too adorable to not get!

I had to leave soon after I bought that as I didn't want to end up buying much more. Whilst in town my friend Sam text me asking if I was up to much and next thing I know he's meeting me in town and coming along to get a Costa. Unfortunately it was only a brief meet up as I needed to go home to be back in time for Alice coming home. 

The Christmas fair wasn't very festive in my opinion and it seems to me that it just ends up being like a French market but with added rides and some Christmas music being played in the background.

But my Praline and Cream Latte made it all worth while ;)

Once I got to the front door of the house next thing I do is look up to see Craig arriving back with Alice. I then had to try and get the door open so that she could actually come inside, I'm still not really used to the lock on the front door but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon enough.

We were home for about an hour before my Mum came over to pick us up as I needed to go back to the flat to hand over the keys to the Landlord. We popped in to say hello to my Grandparents first and it is so lovely to see both of their faces light up as soon as they see Alice. It is very hard not to love this daughter of mine and she brings smiles to so many peoples faces it is so lovely to see.

Once we got to my Mum's it wasn't long before my Dad made an appearance to see his granddaughter. Lots of tickles and lots of laughter was coming from the both of them.

My Dad then took me to the flat so I could hand over the keys to the Landlord. She was very impressed with how well we had cleaned the flat and that was that. I no longer have any access to the flat. It is all over and now we can get on with enjoying our house. 

Alice and I ended up spending the evening at my parents house, which happens quite a lot when we go there. My Mum ended up showing me a few things on Photoshop Elements and I managed to get some of my December Daily pages done. Once they are printed out I shall do a post on them. But for now all I can say is that I am doing them and you will see them as soon as I manage to get them onto pages rather than on my laptop :)


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