Wednesday, 19 December 2012


This morning Alice and I had a calm morning, other than my manic cleaning as Craig's Mum was supposed to come over. She had to cancel last minute as she unexpectedly got handy men turn up to fix a hole in her roof. So we have rescheduled for her to come over tomorrow.

So Alice and I just ended up watching Dora the Explorer on the couch for the majority of the morning. It was lovely just to relax and cuddle up and not do much at all.

Whilst Alice was down for her nap I decided to play around with my December Daily and I think I've finally got an idea of how I'd like it all to look. I've only managed the first 3 days though so I think my December Daily album may only appear in the blog in the New Year I'm afraid!

After Alice's nap my Mum came over and we went over to hers after a few house stops so that she could post some Christmas cards to her friends. We were incredibly impressed that when we pulled up outside Mary's, our hairdresser, Alice could tell us that we were at Mary's house.

We got to my Mum's house and would you believe that I completely forgot my camera!! This is the first day where I haven't taken any photos with my camera so I took them on my iPod with the Instagram app. I only have 3 photos from the whole of today and unfortunately my iPod takes quite poor quality pictures, but at the end of the day as long as I have pictures it doesn't matter too much. But I shall apologise for the poor quality of them right now!

My Mum bought me some stamps and we got to writing addresses and finally getting all of our Christmas cards posted! Thank goodness, as tomorrow is the last day to post cards 1st class for Christmas!

As you can clearly see this girl is so up on her technology, she doesn't need anyone around to be able to work out Grandma's iPad! She just sits and either plays games or, as she is, watches kids programs on Netflix. This was after she finally settled down as she constantly wants her Grandma's attention whilst we go over and just bursts into tears, as she knows Grandma will feel bad and do anything to make sure she is happy.

She also had a lot of fun taking off all the ornaments on Grandma's tree. She just seems fascinated by them all! I really think in the January sales I'm going to buy some more ornaments so that our Christmas tree doesn't look as bare as it has done the last two years!


We did some colouring whilst Grandma and Auntie Em went out to get some bits from the shop for a Secret Santa present.

And after dinner Alice wanted Grandma to read lots of different book. This one was her particular favourite Everyone Hide From Wibbly Pig by Mick Inkpen. She loves getting to look under the flaps to see who is hiding.

6 days until Christmas now! Everyone excited? I know I am :)



  1. As you say, you managed to get a few shots so you have something to document your day with (though I didn't realise I was in one of them!).
    Well done for keeping up :) xxx

    1. Haha I'm just sneaky like that! xxx

  2. It was lovely seeing you yesterday. Technology these days is fantastic. Even though I'm so far away I still feel I am connected. I think of when we first came to SA and all we had was snail mail! Much better now. Enjoy the last few days before Christmas xxx