Sunday, 23 December 2012

Busy Day

Like I said yesterday, today was going to be a busy day.

The first thing I wanted to do was go through the baby clothes I have from when Alice was a baby. I haven't properly looked through them before and it gave me some comfort knowing that I still had a lot of her newborn and 0-3month clothing.

That wasn't all of them, this was just from one box I was sorting out. Alice took a great interest in them as I explained these would be for her baby sister but they were hers when she was younger. She looked at the piles and lay across them saying "I love baby clothes" repeatedly.

And as you can see she got quite comfortable on them!

Once Alice had gone down for a nap I decided I needed to work my magic on the Dining room! I had boxes all over and a Moses basket in there and everything was piled on top of the dining room table. I wore myself out tiding it all and that's when I had to sit down. I must say I didn't do too badly before that point and I haven't got much left to do!

I just need to move the trike, clear the table a bit more and extend it and I am done!

Once Alice woke up from her nap I called  her Nanna to let her know she could come over with her partner, Richard to come and say hello before Christmas. Whilst we waited for them to come over Alice spotted that I found her Megasketcher under a pile of things on the table. She just had to give it some use. She told me that she was drawing a dinosaur. So this is a dinosaur according to my daughter.

Not long after she had had enough of drawing Nanna and Richard turned up. Alice wasn't very keen on seeing Richard, she has met him before but it has been a while since she last saw him. So she did end up standing the opposite side of the room to him and hiding her face. She did eventually get out of her corner and settle once I put Tangled on for her. She then quite happily sat next to her Nanna to watch it :)

They didn't stay for too long and Alice was quite happy that she got to spend some more time with her Nanna.

Tomorrow I shall be baking lots of cakes, I'm sure Alice will love to help me out :)


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  1. For some reason your blog updates weren't showing up in my feed, but I've fixed that now and I'm all caught up. Looking forward to seeing a little update with Megan's face on here whenever you feel up to it! :)