Tuesday, 4 December 2012

4th December

When Alice woke up this morning she got to come downstairs and see the Christmas tree all decorated! She told me it was very pretty and loved it when I put on the lights. She calls them candles and she liked to try and blow them out, like on a birthday cake. I had to lean over so that I could turn them off once she blew on them. She thought that it was great fun!

I had a midwife appointment this morning so my Mum came over to look after Alice whilst I went out. I ended up getting two injections whilst I was at my appointment, one for Whooping Cough and the other for the Flu. Apparently because I'm pregnant I'm more at risk of getting them and the vaccine actually goes into the baby's blood stream as well so she will be protected before she eventually makes her appearance. So I decided it would be a good idea, unfortunately I had to have one in each arm so the tops of my arms are a bit sore.

Once I got home I could see that my Mum and Alice had a lot of fun playing whilst I was out. Alice absolutely loves her Grandma so it was rather unsurprising. I also learned that whilst I was out Alice had discovered that our tree had some chocolate decorations on. Needless to say she had a couple of them before I got home. I had wondered how long it would take her to learn that there were chocolates hanging off of the tree ;)

I also had a package waiting for me when I got back. It was a Christmas present for Alice and I'm supposed to get another one at some point today. I personally cannot stand going to the shops around Christmas time. People get in my way and it's too crowded and I just generally cannot stand it haha. So for the last few years I tend to get my Christmas presents online. Quick and easy and I don't have to deal with as many people. That isn't to say I don't go to the shops, I still do and I sometimes pick up pieces for presents if I see anything but I avoid the shops as much as possible. If I need to go into town I try and make sure it is only for a short time.

Finally I managed to get around to writing Thank You cards to people for Alice's birthday! Alice turned 2 on the 18th November and only now have I written the Thank You cards. I had some left over from last year and it seems a shame not to use them up. Plus they are super cute!

Alice spotted me writing them and as she loves monkeys soo much she wanted one of the cards. Luckily for her I had one spare so she could have one and she set out straight away to start drawing in it. As I was leaning on the kitchen counter to write them she wanted to join me, so I picked her up and she quickly found a way that was comfortable to draw in the card.

She soon started to get grouchy and that is normally an indication that she is ready for her nap so my Mum said goodbye and left me to get this cheeky monkey off for a nap. Once I had finally gotten her down for a nap I got a text from my Mum asking if she could drop some more things off from the Flat. I don't officially need to be out of the Flat until the 9th so when we moved here we brought all the essentials over and left the not so essential things in the Flat. My Mum went to go and pick some more of the things up for me whilst I was getting Alice down for a sleep and she dropped them off whilst Alice was sleeping! She tells me we really don't have a lot left there anymore so the main thing we need to do is clean the Flat to make it presentable for the new tenants to move in. This does unfortunately mean I got given more boxes to unpack here!

This afternoon we were extremely chilled out and relaxed. We didn't get up to too much we read one of Alice's books.

We played with a ladybird in the kitchen. This ladybird is actually part of a salt and pepper set that my Grandma let us have as Alice just fell in love with them as soon as she saw them. She was getting the ladybird to sit on her arm and petting it. Very cute to watch.

And we relaxed whilst watching a whole lot of Dora the Explorer.

After dinner Alice's Daddy made an appearance to say hello and also to check out our new house. Alice had lots of fun dragging him around the house and showing off her bedroom as well as mine. She was quite tired and Daddy had another job to go and look at so he didn't stay long. Needless to say not long after Daddy left we got ready for bed and she didn't take long to fall asleep.



  1. Always a pleasure to come and see you both :) I have to admit it will be nice to hand the flat over this weekend and not have to think about it any more ;) xxx

  2. Hi Claire ~ Your new flat looks lovely, and it was fun to see photos of Alice in her own home rather than at her Grandma's where I am used to seeing her over at your mom's blog. :o) I hope you are feeling well ~ excited to see Alice's baby sister!