Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

This morning I decided that I would get out my Christmas books and see if I could find any recipes that I could make either in the lead up to Christmas or for Christmas day itself.

Alice also wanted what she calls "her book" from my recipe book collection. This is basically just a book full of children's birthday cakes. She absolutely loves looking through it, in particular she likes the cake that is shaped as a puppy.

We didn't really get up to too much this morning really. Chilled out mornings are the best in my opinion, if I can save something to do until the afternoon I will.

Around 10 is when I tend to get Alice settled down for a nap. She gets her bunny and her blanket and she has a bottle of milk and a dummy and we just blob on the couch and she relaxes before eventually going off to sleep. Well, mostly that's how it goes and it was going well as you can see.

But it didn't take long for my little angel to start being a pickle. Unfortunately, she can be so funny I just cannot control myself and I just have to laugh! Which as you can imagine, makes her play up more. She certainly is a character my little Alice. This next photo is not her looking her best as she was pulling a face whilst saying cheese! I think her Aunt and Uncle are responsible for her making faces at the camera if I'm honest, wouldn't you agree Mum? ;)

She did eventually fall asleep whilst I watched This Morning. Ever since Alice was tiny she has loved labels on things, it's like a comfort thing for her. I once bought her a ball which had little tags on it because they are like labels. Well, this little girl is one smart cookie! She was not fooled by the tags and managed to find the actual label on that ball haha. Oh I do love her, anyway the reason I brought this up is because just before I went to put her in her cot I noticed those little fingers of hers still griping the label of her blanket, bless her cotton socks :)

After Alice and I had lunch I had decided that I wanted to do some baking. After making sure I had all of the ingredients I got to work making some chocolate chip cupcakes. Alice certainly didn't complain and enjoyed watching me go through the process of making them!

And how could any child sit through the process of watching Mummy make the cupcake batter without letting them have a little taster ;)

And whilst she had to wait for the cupcakes to bake, she kept herself happy by playing with her Dora the Explorer fridge magnets.

And then the cupcakes were done. It didn't take us long to try 1......or 2! I didn't get a picture of how much she enjoyed eating them as, obviously, I was too busy enjoying them too!

And then, as you may have guessed, we chilled out. We do that a lot... I'm sure you are all sick of me telling you but we did. Alice's Daddy came to see her once again and they had lots of fun. Unfortunately he's not very good at keeping quiet. He gets to take her out this weekend and he likes to tell her where they are going, Alice then gets excited thinking they are going at that moment, and then she gets upset as she realises that they aren't going today... Poor thing, but I'm sure she will have fun on Saturday when he does go take her to see some animals.

And that is it from us today. I'm honestly impressed that I've managed to keep this going for 6 days in a row haha! Now I am going to blob on the couch and watch a new episode of Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls before heading off for an early night!


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  1. Your cupcakes look yummy :). I did have to laugh at the naptime photo - Uncle Hugh would be proud of her ;) xxx